Counseling with Revive Health Clinics

Revive Health centers unique approach to counseling and mental health Improvement starts with a very comprehensive intake consultation with one of our certified counselors. 

We will be looking at mental health but unlike most all other counseling centers we will be looking at your physical health as well.  The relationship between the 2 is vital and often the reason most patients get limited results from other approaches.  This may involve one of our Medical providers doing a physical exam!

Blood work is usually ordered or reviewed before any mental health treatment is provided because the obvious relationship that chemical changes in the body will lead to mood or behavior changes

No matter what your needs or desires what sets Revive counseling from all other sessions or treatments is that every session includes 1 of our Revive Modalities each time you visit us.  

Photobiomodulation red light therapy, infrared sauna with chromotherapy, Cryotherapy, 15 mins of Massage by our amazing commercial full body massage pods, 15 min Trigger point functional movement therapy, Antioxidant O2 and hydrogen therapy.

Other therapies that are available for your full recovery are Hyperbaric oxygen tanks  and the “Atom” an electroceutical Revive Proprietary treatment that reduces pain, facilitates healing and strength, helps with arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, neuropathy, muscle tightness, and has shown to help all injuries recover rapidly. 

If you are accepted into our program you will have the choice to choose between individual or family counseling on a frequency to your liking.