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Neuropathy pain is more than uncomfortable it can be down right debilitating. At Revive, our approach gets results unlike most treatments out there. Through multiple trials, our results speak for themselves. 

Our Process

What makes us different starts with the fact our team is a compassionate and caring group that will create a positive environment necessary for your recovery.

We start with a baseline evaluation on the why and where: why and where are you burning? Why and where you are itching? Why and where do you not have feeling? Why has your balance has changed? And why and where do you have hyper sensitivity? 

The evaluation will help us help you get the most out of your treatment.

Unlike most treatments that are extremely expensive or greatly impact your insurance, our neuropathy treatment program is $299/mo. for up to 8 sessions – scheduled at your convenience - that will get you back to living your life.

Our approach is a proprietary blend of holistic, non-surgical therapies including: nutritional therapy, nerve cell regeneration therapy, red light therapy, hydrogen therapy, the ATOM and electromagnetic wave therapy.

The bottom line is, when applied consistently, we get results – and we do so without crazy costs or invasive procedures.
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Come in today and start your journey to better health.